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The Australian Crowd-Coloured Short Film


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Drawing on the adult colouring book craze, The Australian Crowd-Coloured Short Film was an animated short film to be split into 1,500 individual frames. Then we asked all of Australia to show their Marvellous and colour it in. Every person that had their frame used in the final film had their name included the credits.

The brand’s positioning was baked into the film’s story: A self-absorbed world that discovers the meaning of togetherness, triggered by Marvellous Creations’ signature candy pieces which would become an important theme throughout the film. We then worked with a leading animation studio to draw up the characters, create the world, score the film, and outline every single frame. With that, we’d release the short film with a little bit of marvellous from hundreds of people.


The 1,500 frames were housed on our campaign website. There, fans could use our custom frame-painting tool on mobile, tablet or desktop to make each frame marvellous. We then teased the campaign on our social media pages, inviting social media influencers and artists to participate and inspire the rest of the community, many of their beautiful frames can be seen in the final film. All our fans on Facebook and Twitter were invited to add their colour to a frame of the short film. With thousands taking part.

Once the colouring phase of the campaign had ended, we picked out the best frames and sequenced them into the final film to be premiered on Youtube, Facebook and the Marvellous Creations website. Each contributor was able to see their work in the film, with their name fully displayed in the credits.

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