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The Beauty In Motion

DDB & TRIBAL AMSTERDAM, Amsterdam / KLM / 2018

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How could we bring across the added value of six(!) completely different KLM initiatives at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (ranging from a rich Crown Lounge to practical Self Service Transfer) in a single message? Six initiatives with completely different purposes.To communicate the idea of effortless movement through the airport we visualised 198 passengers on their way to catch a plane – using marbles that literally find the way of least resistance. From entering the airport to finding their seat. We plotted the six initiatives in this journey, to make people see the connection and make them realise that KLM also has an important role in improving their travel experience at the airport.Each of the six initiatives was linked to a segment in the handcrafted installation that helped the passengers find the smoothest path to their seat. From faster tracks representing priority lane passengers to spectacular jumps for the easy transfer service.


We wanted to create a mesmerising piece of art that people actually want to watch, so we created a kinetic installation around 198 steel marbles in motion, representing passengers on their way to their flight. The marbles move through a chaotic airport and end up in the structured environment of an airplane cabin. The handcrafted installation consists of a steel track, which leads the marbles past six KLM initiatives that smoothen their journey. We linked each product/service to a special segment in the installation, like a fast lane for people using self-service baggage check-in or by featuring a specially developed algorithm that helps passengers board without queuing up in the aisle. First we built the installation in 3D to see how we could visualise the KLM initiatives. Next we built a 1:1 prototype to see how the marbles interacted at different velocities. The final step was handcrafting the final course.


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, KLM’s home base, hosts up to 230K visitors per day. Early next year the installation will be displayed there for three months. Through the exhibition at the Dutch Design Week we reached 335K visitors; the exhibition at the Dutch Open Golf tournament reached 50K visitors. Through KLM media (email, social channels) we reached 2.1 million KLM passengers (current or previous).

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