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The Belt 24/7

S-GROUP, Helsinki / S-GROUP / 2019

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When hypermarket Prisma wanted to announce their 24/7 opening hours on the brink of summer, we decided to do it the slow and surprising way that would blow up social media as well as would generate earned media.

The creative idea of the campaign was to create a a slow TV show, shot live. The idea was to film a conveyer belt of Prisma, nonstop, around the clock to literally demonstrate that Prisma is open 24/7. In short: We truly live-streamed groceries in the cash belt of Prisma checkout. No people, just groceries.

The most important strategic solution was to launch The Belt 24/7 as a TV show. This way we managed to lure in the newspapers with hard to believe TV show concept and used their need to publish clickbate news in our advance. We gained the interest of all Finnish media outlets and got covered in all the major publications in Finland. The Belt24/7 became a cultural phenomenon and everyone was watching a livestream of a conveyer belt.

The Belt 24/7 and Prisma's 24h opening hours lead to extremely high increase in sales and campaign paid it self back in less than 4 days.

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