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The Big King

DAVID, Sao Paulo / BURGER KING / 2016

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To launch the Big King, Burger King's version of the Big Mac, we searched the world for 5 diehard fans of the Big Mac and invited them to try the Big King. Hailing from Brazil, Spain, Thailand, Italy, and the US, these fans traveled to Brazil to try the Big King.

For those who really thought the Big King was better than the Big Mac, we had a surprise in store: Amy James, the famous tattoo artist, would change their Big Mac tattoos into Big King tattoos. How? By making Burger King grill marks on their patties.


Our first challenge was finding people who had actually tattooed a Big Mac burger on their skin. But as impossible as it sounds, turned out there were a pretty relevant crowd out there who matched our specs. Then, after contacting each one of them, we brought them over to Brazil, where we needed to gather them for the special experience we had in store.

They tried the Big King and told us what they thought. And when they all agreed it was really better than their beloved Big Mac, we brought Ami James and another offer: transform their Big Mac tattoos into Big King tattoos by adding a grill mark to their burgers. Except for one of them, who shared the same tattoo with his brother, all of them agreed to change their ink.


19 million views.

76 million media impressions.

92% of positive social sentiment.

Big king broke a brand record of sales for its category.

During the campaign, Big King represented 36% of all burger sales for Burger King Brazil, a huge number considering it was a new launch in the already vast portfolio of the brand.

And one person like the campaign so much, he decided, by his own free will, to tattoo a Big King on his leg.

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