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Around mid of August 2020, India was witnessing a surge in COVID19 cases and people were mostly confined to their homes. With 4 out of 5 lifestyle channel offering International lifestyle content dubbed in Hindi, the company saw an opportunity to launch a lifestyle channel Internationally looking Indian relevant content. The launch needed to be quick, sudden and impactful so that the competition doesn’t get a chance to react and viewers get fresher & relevant content at the earliest which will make us capture the numero uno position in lifestyle category


Launch a new lifestyle entertainment channel in 50 days with a mix of procured International & original (shot) Indian content complemented with a brand new channel ident


• To be #1 position in the lifestyle channel category within 4 weeks of launch

• Secure 37% Mkt shares within 4 wks of launch

BudgetDesign and Packaging: $80000


Brand Relevance:

The brand is relevant to all those viewers who are looking to break the societal barriers and upscale their lifestyle. People who are looking to entertain and enhance their knowledge by consuming content in the space food, travel, health & wellness, fitness and home improvements. The brand is also relevant to every proud Indian who is looking for great International looking content but with an Indian perspective.

Target audience:


15 to 40 years, males & females- living in Hindi/English Speaking Markets of India.


People looking to enhance their lifestyle, foodies, fitness freak, DIY fans, people who love food competition shows, people looking for health tips, people who love to travel, people who like watching top International shows, fans of Internationally renowned chefs, people with strong culinary underbelly, people looking for Indian food, fans of top International shows like Masterchef Australia / Junior Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown


ZEST, This powerful word with its cues of adding zing, positivity and life was the starting point of The Bounce Back logo. The whole concept revolved around creating a dynamic world, much like the channel and its content. The concept translated into UNSTATIC- spheres were created as a mnemonic that reflected the mother brand logo and added another dimension of motion. 4 colour systems were created for 4 verticals- Food travel décor and wellness. Each vertical had its own design universe. The spheres from each universe always interact with one another in the identity. Their movement system draws the viewer into a very positive space. India’s first multi-logo system broadcast channel identity The other design approach to the identity was to create a multi-system logo that changed to reflect the verticals of the channel. A dynamic logo- the first of its kind in India.


Value added to brand: The channel enjoys a healthy recall & awareness of 50% in the category within 3 months of launch. One of the fastest in category. The channel’s tagline ‘Unlimit Life’ has a very high recall of 87%. The brand design has a liking percentage of 78%.

23 million digital impressions

India’s no 1 lifestyle channel in the first week of launch

50 million total viewership

53% market share

India’s first multi-logo system broadcast channel identity

Value for consumers: The channel provides highest Value for Money by providing quality content across maximum categories - Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Wellness, Home Improvements and DIY. Competition channel provides content in maximum only 1-2 categories