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LUCY, Brussels / WORLD CHOIR GAMES / 2021

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The World Choir Games, the largest and most prestigious choir event in the world, are taking place in Belgium. But because of the corona pandemic, the choirs were physically unable to get together and practise their texts. As a result, registrations were not following because many choirs thought they were not going to reach their desired level. How could we ensure that they would still register for this unique event?


In order to get more registrations, we did not send a classical e-mail, but took a much more direct approach. A choir called conductors to persuade them. While singing, they explained how you can participate in the World Choir Games as a choir, singer, musician or enthusiast. And what you can do there.


Due to the corona pandemic, the World Choir Games have had to move their prestigious competition to the autumn of 2021. So they had to breathe new life into this unique choir event. How? By reaching out to the most important people in the choir world: the conductors. You can send them a nice e-mail, but then you know that a lot of e-mails end up in the wastepaper basket. That is why we called them to persuade them to participate in the World Choir Games.


For this campaign, we wrote a song with the Duartes Vocal Ensemble. In August, we called several conductors. The above-mentioned choir explained, while singing, what you could do during the World Choir Games and that you could register now. This was all filmed so that we could make a social video of it. We retargeted the conductors who did not answer the phone. They received a postcard with a QR code in order to watch the video. To make the reach as big as possible, the World Choir Games also shared the film through all its social channels.


Thanks to the Choir Call, in the following weeks 441% more choirs registered for the World Choir Games than in the previous months. This brings the total number of choirs to 331 from 48 different countries.