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The Collectible Cone Koozie

UBER HQ, San Francisco / UBER / 2018

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The idea: One Collectible Cone. Endless ice cream.

The intention/purpose: The Collectible Cone Koozie allowed users to unlock free ice cream at McDonalds. Just present the collectible cone; receive a free soft serve for 7 weeks total.

Adaptation: This small cone-llectible that was easy to carry and perfectly fit a McDonald’s waffle cone inside it. We used an existing design and modified it to fit a McDonald's waffle cone. These were created in China and shipped to the US.

Considerations: The product needed to be visually appealing to a millennial audience—and immediately spark joy. This led us to create an ice cream-inspired color palette that eventually was translated into our collectible cone koozie design.


How it works: Collectible Cone Koozies led to Free Cone Fridays—a partnership with McDonald’s where anyone with a limited edition, Collectible Cone Koozie from Uber could unlock a free soft serve every Friday for 7 weeks total. Just present your koozie, and receive free ice cream.

User Interaction: Supplies were limited. For 1-day only, people could request a Collectible Cone Koozie in the Uber app, or free one from an ice sculpture in NYC.

Branded ice cream trucks delivered the good—reducing operational burden to drivers.

We launched the idea with The Meltdown—an 11,000-pound block of ice containing 100 Collectible Cone Koozies in Union Square in New York. To get a koozie, people could dig into the ice—or request in the Uber app in 10 cities across North America.


We had over 250,000+ requests for collectible cones. It costs users nothing to request a Collectible Cone. If they were not matched with an ice cream truck, we sent users a coupon for a free mcFlurry via Uber Eats.

The campaign led to 10% shift in brand favorability amongst 18-24 year olds.

The collectible cones had a statistically significant impact on users’ Rides and EATS behavior increasing trips and orders.

And users who visited the Ice Cream landing page spent an average of 4:21 on the page, up from 1:06 the year prior.

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