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The Cove, Paradise Island embarked on a new chapter tied to a meaningful connection with the ocean, Bahamian culture, and the spirit of the resort’s 7,500 employees. The idea for the relaunch weekend was inspired by The Cove, Paradise Island’s mantra, “Bahamas at Heart” by leveraging like-minded partners and meaningful relationships with local Bahamians.

We knew all of the resort additions and experiences would be impossible to view and engage in at one specific press event. Instead, guests were able to feel and see the impact that these changes and thoughtful partnerships had on the resort and its country (by way of experiential programming and intimate, ocean-linked events). There is a deeper meaning beyond simply debuting new renovations to guests; there is now a story to tell – one that is authentic and inspirational and tied to our Bahamian home and the environment we care so deeply about.


Pre-Weekend Launch Events (Summer 2017 – November 2017)

- Targeted Cove outreach and weekend event invites to key media, ranging from travel to lifestyle, design, fashion, entertainment, etc.

- Secured Getty Images for official photography (for wide image distribution)

- Social media agency secured content capture and dedicated drone footage of all events (Blue Orchid)

- Press Kit developed prior to Cove Weekend, for all news tied to relaunch

Following Event Weekend:

• Getty Images distribution – Wide reach to a variety of media outlets

• Both Cove Relaunch press release and official weekend media alert were timed with receiving batch of Getty Images

• Short lead (online) press stories started to come out immediately following distribution

• Social media influencer posts were ongoing following weekend, as well.

• Team is still receiving incredible short lead & long lead placements, as a result of the success of the weekend


Through curated partnerships, guests of The Cove Weekend were exposed to authentic Bahamian culture and the resort’s continued mission to preserve the ocean and its marine life. This resulted in tremendous credibility and strength in press, which led to substantial bookings at The Cove, Paradise Island from November 2017 through 2019.

The Cove, Paradise Island gained visibility in top luxury publications and via social media, and as a result of the weekend, with some of the top writers and broadcasters. From The Cove Weekend, reach exceeded 249+ million press impressions, 46.7+ million social impressions, and $2.7+ million estimated ad value to date.

The Cove Weekend was covered in some of the following top media outlets: E! Entertainment TV, Page Six TV, New York Post / Page Six, People Magazine, Daily Mail UK, Dujour Magazine,  Billboard Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Yahoo!, W Magazine, Interview, and more.

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