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The Curious Cat Chronicles

ALMAPBBDO, Sao Paulo / MARS / 2017

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To celebrate cats' curiosity and launch the concept “Feed their curiosity”, we created a new platform: "Curious Cat Chronicles,” featuring true stories of cats who, through their curiosity, changed the lives of the people around them. The first of them was told in the form of a touching film, where we introduced viewers to Iris, an English girl with autism, and Thula, a cat who, thanks to her curiosity, managed to communicate with the girl and open up a new world for her. Along with the film we launched the hashtag #mycatwhiskas in order to encourage the public to tell their own stories about cats' curiosity, which would later become new "Curious Cat Chronicles." 


The first “Curious Cat Chronicle” was the story about Iris and Thula. The idea is to explore different examples of amazing stories about curious cats. These “never before told” stories should be based on true events, giving credibility to the platform. On the other hand, we don’t need to portray the facts exactly as it happened, enjoying a degree of freedom to make the story more engaging and interesting. All kind of digital formats are allowed, from films to social media posts. Iris and Thula was the first piece for the platform and was launched on April 27th, on Facebook and YouTube, inaugurating the ‘Feed their Curiosity’ campaign online. It also aired on multiple other websites.


Launched on Facebook and YouTube, initially without media investment, the video reached over 2 million views in under two days and more than 130,000 interactions on Facebook alone. To engage the audience, people were invited to share their stories under the hashtags #mycatwhiskas and #mycuriouscat. They were so engaged with it that we have already received more than 40,000 posts and counting. 99% of the comments on our social networks are positive and the few negative comments are not related to the project. The film coverage on the press all over the world came to around $300,000, which is bigger than the total media investment in the project. It was even covered on national TV news, serving to anchor a story about therapy animals. It’s a bit too early to measure its effect on sales and preference, but it seems we are on the right track. 

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