The DNA Journey

&CO, Copenhagen / MOMONDO / 2017

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As a global independent travel metasearch engine, momondo offers a digital platform where travellers can search for different criteria such as destination, price and time of travel. They are founded with the purpose to give courage and encourage each and one of us to stay curious and be open-minded so we can all enjoy a better, more diversified world.

To create a unique voice, momondo had been working on integrating their purpose throughout the organisation two years prior to approaching &Co. &Co.’s task was hence to turn momondo’s conclusions into a communication format that would bring the purpose to life, spur conversations and drive content virally in order to generate a real social impact and distinguish momondo in a crowded market - thereby also increasing momondo’s Excess Share of Voice globally.

This case is about the DNA Journey, a creative idea conceived to bring momondo’s purpose to life. It shows how the use of creativity and a purpose driven platform can generate long-term effectiveness well beyond the means of traditional campaigns and media.

A global study – commissioned by momondo - showed that 48% of us think, that we have become less tolerant towards other cultures. But it also showed that 76% of people believe that traveling makes us look more positively on differences and diversity. The DNA Journey was thereby created as a response to the fact that even though people travel more, we celebrate diversity less. This contradiction narrowed the starting point from a social problem that travel could solve to a travel problem that momondo could solve, creating an opportunity for the brand to be highly distinct within the travel category.

Our belief was that the essence of the problem existed inside people’s heads, which lead to the invention of a totally new way of traveling: The DNA Journey. A journey where you don't decide the destination, your DNA does.

The idea culminated in a film documenting a real-life experiment with participants from all over the world. The participants were interviewed about their sense of national identity, pride, patriotism and prejudices. They were then DNA tested and the film captured how the changing of view about themselves made them change their view about the world around them.

With over 480 million online video views and counting, The DNA Journey communicated a message the world had been waiting to hear. To date, the film has reached more than 1 billion people around the world, sparking tremendous engagement and debates with more than 14.8 million likes, shares and comments. Moreover, the campaign has generated an earned media value of USD 160.2 million leading to a total return on media investment of 213 (value USD 160.2M /budget USD 0.75).

As a direct-led effect of the immense emotional impact The DNA Journey has generated on a global level, momondo has experienced an 8% increase in global penetration and a 2% increase in global market share. Ultimately, The DNA Journey has proven, that a strong purpose can indeed drive effective growth.

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