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The Family Tablecloth

BBDO, Dusseldorf / DR. AUGUST OETKER / 2021

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“Die Ofenfrische” is the Dr. Oetker family pizza. It’s stands for special moments at home in the company of our loved ones.

But the year 2020 turned this promise upside down: While families are spending more time together, we less and less make space for creating special moments as a family at home. How can we deliver the “Die Ofenfrische” emotional promise beyond classic communication, and beyond the pizza plate, but within a budget of €15,000 before Christmas?


Dr. Oetker is bringing something new to the table: Die Ofenfrische “Family Tablecloth” is a tablecloth specially designed to make families come and stay together around the table, spending more time enjoying each other’s company and creating those special moments. With this, we turned a brand promise into a brand experience.


Turning from ad to added value: Instead of classic advertising, we needed to create something that made families come together and share their time albeit chaotic family life. For them, the family table is much more than just a table, but an opportunity for family time – and this is what we needed to celebrate.


The first limited edition of the Family Tablecloth was raffled off to Dr. Oetker fans in a prize draw. The activation ran over a period of 1 week in the run-up to Christmas and targeted the community on the social media channels with short video posts.


Die Ofenfrische “Family Tablecloth” generated awareness for the brand and buzz in social media during the promotion period. And even better: The response was so positive, and the lucky winners were so happy, that the tablecloth will be produced again in the future and is planned to be put into sales in large numbers.

As a result, Die Ofenfrische tablecloth was more than just a special Christmas surprise, but above all a new, extraordinary opportunity to create those special family moments we long for.

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