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The Fireplace

NORD DDB, Stockholm / MAKE A CHANGE / 2018

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Description is a digital fireplace that uses cryptojacking for good. They opt in through and cryptocurrency is mined by using a small amount of the visitor's processing power. The generated money is directly donated to "Make a Change", an organisation that works against bullying in schools and workplaces online. It's the first time people can donate money, without actually having to spend a penny.


Fireplaces are an essential part of Christmas celebrations transforming from physical digital in the past ten years. Fireplace videos are now reaching upwards of 20 millions views on youtube. And with them playing for hours and hours in people’s homes during Christmas - we give everyone a really simple charity alternative. Because when our fireplace is running it's immediately starting to generate value. The longer you stay on the site and play the fire, the more money you’re actually giving to a great cause.


We had over 10000 people from over 60 countries starting thefireplace in their browser during the two weeks before Christmas. The main goal was achieved - to make people try out a new way of donating money, without having to spend their own. Some of our visitors kept the fireplace burning in their browser for days.

This technology could be used for many services in the future. It could be used for subscription based services such as Netflix or Spotify, where you only pay through watching or listening while lending out a part of your processing power. It could also be used for other pro-bono businesses such as Wikipedia, where you pay only by browsing the articles. It’s a whole new method of paying for services. And with all the processing power in abundance we could make a big difference just by making a few percent use this new technology.

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