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The First TV Person Placement

FORWARD MEDIA, Frankfurt / O2 / 2017

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We identified the headbanger, a very popular key visual in one of our campaigns, as a good way to to engage our audience. In the TV ad the head banger moves his head rhythmically to heavy metal music but gets interrupted intermittently due to a bad network connection, creating evident frustration. This gave us an idea. We would use the Headbanger, our popular Key Visual on live TV by creating an innovative stunt on prime TV: The first ever People Placement.

We put our Headbanger right in the middle of two of the main TV Shows in Germany and brought him to live during the show. We counted on the fact that he would be instantly recognized by the audience as a key O2 ‘’brand ambassador’’ and this would bring awareness to the brand in a very unusual and creative way.


Because our target audience was very broad we negociated with two of the biggest TV Shows in Germany:

• “The German version of “Amercia’s Got Talent” LIVE Show

• “Circus Halli Galli” on Pro7: the most popular German late night show

During both shows, not only did we have the Headbanger as a ‘’person placement’’, we also used triggers and reminders that we inserted in special ads around the headbanger’s appearance (before and after he appeared)

During the German version of America’s Got talent show we showed:

1. Skyscraper with an announcement

2. 2. Person Placement

3. 3. Pre-Split

During the “Circus Halli Galli” on Pro7 we showed:

1. Person Placement in the show setting

2. Station ID Move Split


The story was reported on all major German media outlets.

An extensive market research running during the reality show found that no brand in the commercial break scored better in terms of awareness, O2 was clearly the most remembered spot during the commercial break!

74 % of the surveyed people recognized the TV SPOT immediately.

70% declared the ad fitted perfectly with the show and thought it was not disturbing at all.

Our stunt and became one of the most shared and commented ads

User who saw the special ad versus user that didn’t see rated the brand better in terms of being innovative, in regards to the quality, individual solutions and service.

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