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History and context

Between 2019 2020s, the beer market had consolidated a new attribute: pure malt. The beer market was without big news, everyone saying the same thing. We had a fact that was a deviation from it and the only brand who had it is Brahma: creaminess. This value was at the bar table, creaminess was already determining rate in the Brazilian imagination: "Brahmosidade was born. The creaminess that only Brahma has". The success was quick, but we needed to accelerate this more routinely. That's when the football which guides the conversation at the bar, came as the central point of this strategy. But it would be challenging because a law prevented us from showing our creaminess on the shirts of the more than 30 teams sponsored by Brahma. We needed to look for a solution.

Creative Challenge

Show that Brahma is the brand that most understands football in a relevant way for people. A narrative that generates engagement, reach and frequency to increase consideration and consumption. That's when we had an insight: For Brazilians, football is more than a game.For that reason, what happens before and after a championship round is more important than the match itself.


When you analyze the behavior of Brazilians regarding football, you realize that the match is the pretext, but it happens even in everyday conversations.So we looked in culture for something that called more attention than our brand on the shirt. We then saw a opportunity when we saw the number of hairstyles, and hair changes that players constantly make and the amount of conversation they generate.

From Ronaldo's hull to Neymar's mohawk, haircuts are part of the football culture and generate a lot of talk.

More importantly, it was a way for us to circumvent the law and get inside matches.

Inspired by Brahma's main quality attribute, creaminess, was born "The Foamy Haircut": a cut with golden liquid at the bottom and the iconic foam at the top. More than generating conversation, we created a craze among players, commentators, and fans.


To start, we took a famous barber. Ariel Barbeiro, the creator of Foamy Haircuts, was already a well-known figure in the world of football, recognized for his, let's say, exotic cuts.But we needed to get on the field, so we invited one of the most charismatic players in Brazil, Reinaldo, to start this movement without anyone knowing.

The next day we released a film about it.

Since then, the creamy cut has already started to be on the agenda of sports programs.Athletes joined the movement, and we ended up in the minds of important players, like Rossi, Diego Alves and Edenilson, as well as commentators and personalities.

Even European Brazilian players, as with Jorginho, who played in the UEFA Super Cup final with our cut. At that moment, soccer fans worldwide were already looking for ways to make the creamy cut.Noticing this movement, we created a tutorial with Ariel so that everyone could look good in the photo.

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