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JUNG von MATT, Hamburg / DAIMLER / 2014

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"The Forgotten Roadtrip" story deals with a guy, who lost all his memories. In order to involve the audience and put users in the protagonist’s situation, a new way of telling it was invented: The story line litteraly is split into more than 130 different pieces. Like memories, that are shattered into fragments. Only because the pieces are put back in a certain order – like a mosaic – the whole story can be revealed by the user, who is in charge of the pace: he determines the progress of the story and brings back the memories of the protagonist.


Overall the website was launched in 19 countries in the world. Since February the website attracted more than 916,000 unique visitors and over 6.8 million page views. Due to the engaging and interactive content we currently are able to reach a visit length of 9.5 minutes on average. Aside from international recognition from many different blogs and marketing websites, also users engaged heavily in respect to sharing the website over social media channels (s.a. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest). Furthermore customer also wanted more information about the car (over 75,000), used the car-configurator (over 56,000) and became interested in testdrives (over 28,000).

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