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The Freshest Collab of All Time

SCA, Brisbane / SUBWAY AUSTRALIA / 2021

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Situation: Subway Australia was launching a return to Eat Fresh with a new brand campaign featuring a TVC based on Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air, re-imagined by actor Julian Dennison.

Brief: Music licensing was restricted to specific creative on television, internet, digital radio and instore, however the client wanted to amplify the campaign across Australia to reach as many QSR customers as possible.

SCA's brief was to generate interest and talkability without using the Fresh Prince music or anything that sounded like it, without even seeing the TVC, which was still embargoed.


* Maximum reach across metro and regional Australia to match Subway Restaurant footprint

* Increase association with Eat Fresh & Freshness

* Increase First to Mind recall

* Increase overall opinion of Subway Australia


Target audience

* Briefed demo "As many QSR customers as possible"

* Buying demo "P25-54"

* Demo with most QSR visitors in last month: P25-39

SCA refined this to a consumer segment called "Fresh Kids", those who fell within the buying demo and embodied the personality traits revealed through our insight and analysis. 83% of the Hit Network’s Fresh Kids had not visited Subway in the past month.


Fresh Kids already speak our language. Let’s give them the permission, and the platform to re-imagine the new Eat Fresh messaging in their own way.

Media Planning

Major networked radio shows and podcasts with high profile talent launched the campaign with broad reaching, nationwide partnerships to deliver audience scale and generate talkability, supported by a targeted digital audio schedule. Talent videos were seeded out through social media platforms and the client's owned channels to encourage engagement, participation and voting.


High profile radio personalities challenged each other to perform the Eat Fresh lyrics in their own unique style both on air, via digital audio and social videos to provide inspiration for their loyal audiences.

Listeners then answered the call from their favourite show hosts to submit a video at for consideration by DJ Konsky who would curate the best of the video entries, and mash up into the "freshest collab". A selection of the best submissions were profiled across the radio network's social media channels, and audiences were also encouraged to vote for their favourite entry on the microsite.

The seven week campaign was split into two halves, with the first half to capture entries and the second to generate votes.

The campaign reached approx +30% of metro and regional radio audiences across Australia, with 1.8m social reach in addition.



Those exposed to the cross-platform campaign were 23% more likely to engage with the "Freshest Collab of All Time" and were significantly more likely to purchase in-store at Subway (pre v post).


Subway was the only major brand to see an increase in first to mind recall, overtaking KFC to be Number #2 in the category.

And for people exposed to the cross platform radio campaign, first to mind recall was 111% higher when compared to those who heard only the pre-recorded radio brand ad; and were 47% more likely to score Subway 8+ for Fresh Ingredients.

Alignment to Eat Fresh increased by 29% (from a base of 73%!), and the opinion of Subway was rated the highest of their competitive set with 44% giving Subway an 8+.

The more elements a respondent was exposed to, the more favourable their opinion of Subway across all measured campaign metrics.

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