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At times abundance leads to wastage and by the time one realizes this, it might lead to scarcity. This is also true for majority households in this country who gets the benefit of cooking gas 24/7. Consumers of these households have the habit of not turning off the gas stove once its work is done, causing unnecessary wastage of country’s natural resource. The intention was to create an exciting experience among the households regarding gas wastage without making them feel guilty. So, the insight taken was - people won’t stop wasting unless they don’t get the chance to waste at all.

So, the solution can modify both existing and new stoves with a touch of innovation. The intention was to enhance the ability of a gas stove and give the gas burner an arm to become a gas saver as well.


RFL Gas Saving Burner, a stove that burns gas and saves it as well! This stove uses a very simple and cost effective mechanism, pressure lever, found everywhere in the local market. A pressure lever is adjusted to the gas pipe and activates the stove fire upon getting the pressure from the cooking utensil. Upon removal of the cooking vessel, the lever stops the gas flow. RFL has created the prototype that has worked without any error and is ready for commercial production and usage. The pressure lever can be implemented in existing stoves or if required one can purchase a new ‘RFL Gas Saving Burner’.

Since the product is in the pre-production phase, consumers who came across the product through digital media had positive impressions.


There are around 850,000 fixed gas connections in the household sector. According to a hypothesis, a single household uses approximately 9 cubic feet gas in an hour. Now that if the mechanism saves gas even for an hour in these 850,000 houses each day, imagine the volume it can save in just a month, let alone a year or the years yet to come.

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