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The Romanian healthcare system equals poor medication, insufficient infrastructure and lack of funds. Cancer is the second cause of mortality due to the same lack of funds. The NGO “Daruieste Viata” commits to create better conditions for cancer treatment.

The key barrier was the fact that people usually avoid the subject due to its drama and its sadness.

Our goal was to create a sustainable fundraising tool and generate an optimistic social movement around it. We searched for insights relevant to all Romanians in order to promote our cause.

Romanians perceive themselves as a sad nation and the World Happiness Report confirms it by placing Romania on the 90th place and making it one of the saddest countries in Europe. A nation’s happiness index is determined also by people’s generosity. Studies also show that generous people tend to be happier than the ones who care only for themselves.

The solution was to create “The Happiness Stock Exchange”, an online platform designed to raise funds for the modernization of the Romanian oncology clinics and also increase the happiness index of Romanians.

Since we had no media budget we relied on PR and social media. The leading TV station, the most prestigious business newspaper, over 40 strong influencers became share holders of the Happiness Stock Exchange and promoters of our cause. We raised 1,000,000 EURO in just 2 months by selling 480,000 happiness shares to 3,000 happy share holders. Over 4,000,000 people were exposed to our messages and our TV PR campaign was evaluated at 124,000 EUR (advertising value).


The campaign ran for 2 months (November 2012 – January 2013) and started with the launch event followed by on-line, TV and radio.

Bogdan Olteanu, Vice Governor of the National Bank of Romania opened The Happiness Stock Exchange in the National Bank, in the same room where the Financial Stock Exchange was opened 10 years ago. The event engaged the most valuable influencers among business and social communities.

The campaign had extremely high visibility on the leading TV stations. Several prime time news reports and the most prestigious IT show presented the live website encouraging people to invest in happiness shares. Several influencers joined the cause becoming the first investors at Happiness Stock Exchange.

We also created one TV ad and one radio and relied on TV stations generosity to broadcast them.


Amazing results since the project was launched at the end of November 2013 without any advertising budget.

- 150 participants at the launch event (CEOs, CFOs, media and digital influencers, showbiz VIPs) out of which 40 influencers became fully engaged in the program.

- Our TV campaign reached 4,000,000 people in Romania.

- In online we reached approximately 229,000 people on blogs, news and lifestyle websites and Facebook.

- One of the most influential and well-known singers promoted the campaign during his concert, in front of 4000 fans.

- On the website have 11,181 visitors and on the Facebook page we engaged with 3,000 people (without any paid media).

The media coverage achieved was 100% positive.

-Just on TV the advertising value is estimated at 124,000 EUR

-In 2 months campaign we achieved a huge number of 400,000 Happiness stocks sold to 3,000 investors

-But the most exquisite result is the 1,000,000 EURO fund raised in 2 months.

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