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Through the use of an unprecedented combination of technologies, we created a film about an epic race between a character based on a veteran racecar driver and a concept car operated by artificial intelligence. This is a story of human experience, instinct, skill, reason and intuition in the Camaro vs. machine learning, algorithmic maneuvering and blazing fast processing speeds in a totally futuristic vehicle. A genuine high-speed, high-stakes drama unfolds as human relevance is challenged as never before. At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, we enabled the audience of influencers to configure the Camaro in the film in real-time.


• Implementation: The campaign was launched in three phases. A prelaunch social teaser campaign and a live event that coincided with the online launch of the film.

• Timeline: The online teaser campaign launched on February 24, 2017 and culminated with a live launch at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on March 1, 2017.

• Placement: A livestream on Twitch, Twitter moments, Facebook Canvas and online video placement on YouTube.

• Touch points: Online content and activation at the conference. The audience was invited to configure the Camaro and see the results in real time.

• Brand relevance: Chevrolet is a brand that’s driven to Find New Roads through leadership in ingenuity, design and technology.

• Scale: The campaign was supported by $1.5MM digital media plan


• Value added to brand: Coupling the advanced and original rendering technology with the iconic design of the most powerful Camaro, the brand was able to deliver a powerful demonstration of ingenuity and Find New Roads, the primary brand principles.

• Value for consumer: Consumers were able to gain a deeper connection with the brand with the immersive and compelling race video. The average Facebook viewer made it through the narrative at a percentage twice the global benchmark. And the completion rate on Twitter was 4x higher than the global benchmark.

• Reach/cultural impact: The Chasing The Invisible Car film is a demonstration of ingenuity and cutting edge technology that was seen around the world. It reached more than 13 million people worldwide, in multiple language, across multiple platforms.

• Sales: Chevrolet saw an increase of March U.S. Camaro sales of 1.8% YOY. Even more impressive, is that overall the Camaro sales in the

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