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JOY, Sydney / SAVE WILD TIGERS / 2016

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There are only 3,200 Tigers remaining in the wild.

If awareness and conservation efforts don’t increase, Tigers will be extinct within a decade. Saving the wild Tiger would ensure we save the interconnected ecosystems including the oldest rain forests in the world.

To do all this ultimately requires money and resources. To move forward, the non-profit has to engage the next generation of wildlife advocates, Gen Y, as they will become the key for future progress and success.

Save Wild Tigers’ business objectives are to raise critical awareness of diminishing Tiger numbers, converting this into conservation efforts, engagement strategies across different Tiger regions and the cessation of poaching and trading of illegal Tiger parts.


We launched in the week lead up to World Tiger Day to capitalize off the biggest PR day of the year for this issue.

We used our own social media channels to recruit a global online community of cat-lovers to help us… it turns out there is quite a lot of them, too.

With no marketing spend, we were restricted when creating content ourselves, instead we empowered this global, online community to create the content for us; we built The Kitty and handed it over to them.

Anyone from anywhere could upload their own cat videos and share them on social media to generate maximum views, because the more views meant more money in The Kitty. We gave anyone with a cat and a smartphone their own platform to collectively do something to benefit the planet.

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