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GREY ESPAÑA, Barcelona / SEAT / 2013

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For the launch of the new SEAT Toledo, we looked for an iconic story. A story that links the car to the city of Toledo in Spain and to a collective imagery of all Spaniards. We found “the” Spanish story having its roots in the city of Toledo: the novel “Don Quijote” by Miguel de Cervantes. The tale of a knight and his companion going on a fantastic journey that starts in Toledo.

With a modern Quijote and Sancho Panza we brought to live this journey and celebrated the two sides of our car: the passionate, elegant and emotional embodied by our knight; and the sensible, realistic and pragmatic embodied by his companion.

Bringing to you a contemporary version of a timeless classic. Which at the end of the day is the essence of the SEAT Toledo itself, a classic of the past re-mastered for the present.


The re-launch of the SEAT Toledo was a challenging project from the beginning. With a limited production budget of 500K€ we managed a successful campaign where we had 50 days of preproduction. We also had a brilliant scriptwriter working on the project for 3 weeks.

After a 4000km location scout around Spain, we only had 5 days of shooting in La Mancha region, which includes Madrid and the surrounding provinces, during the hottest summer in the last decade in Spain.

The casting involved several Spanish theatre companies and lasted 6 days with more than 300 candidates for the different roles. Moreover we had the support of more than 200 extras during the shooting.

The crew consisted of more than 60 members, and on top, 3 days of a second unit crew. The project included crane unit, Russian Arm, Steadycam, Rain FX, Sword Specialist FX, precision drivers, armour FX, animals, etc.

After that we had 3 weeks of editing plus 3 months of postproduction in order to build a 25 minute short feature film that was split into two different TVC edits and 7 web-episodes with 7 different versions of one musical piece made especially for the SEAT Toledo Launch.

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