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OGILVY, Paris / PERRIER / 2018

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When the agency was asked to launch Perrier Fines Bulles, the creative idea came from a simple product insight: it's everything that Perrier is, but with smaller bubbles. We applied this insight to the brand’s historical and most iconic film felt like the perfect canvas to express Perrier’s extraordinary essence but with smaller characters.

The challenge of this remake was to keep the strength of the original idea, while modernizing it, and adding more finesse, to stick with the fine bubbles of Perrier Fine bubbles strategy.

Today on social networks, baby animals and cute kids continue to seduce audiences. The choice of our two new protagonists (a little girl and a baby lion cub) fits perfectly in this current trend. The re-orchestration of the original music and sound track using a little girl’s voice for the iconic lyrics and roar, helped to bring this classic up to date.


To pique their interest and invite them to an event, we commenced by sending a short teaser video to journalists and influencers, showing side-by-side mysterious shots of the original ‘Lion’ film from the 90’s and the Perrier Fines Bulles remake. On the 13th of February during the event, the invitees were shown a world premiere of the commercial and ‘the making of’ film.

To re-inforce the relevancy of the remake approach, we invited Dr. Valérie Sacriste (PhD Sociology) of Descartes University to discuss the remake and the importance of nostalgia in society.

We also ran a study with Kantar TNS verifying the fact that the original ad “The Lion” continues to be one of the most memorable ads ever in France.

Thanks to this “avant première” and the content created around the film, our story was picked up by media even before the film’s first broadcast on TV.


Tier 1 :

- 49,5 million people reached in total through the PR Launch

- The reach and conversation generated was worth 9x the initial investment

- 91 articles & 7 interviews (59 in France, 32 international (USA, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Poland)

- Extremely positive coverage on National radio and TV station: BFM business, BFM radio et France bleu

- Extremely positive coverage on National newspapers: Le Parisien, les Echos, Stratégies

- Social Network: +6,2 milion people reached, 2 191 Likes, RT & comments

Tier 2 :

- Twice the recognition and likability of the last Perrier commercial. (216 index vs an average of 110)

- An even better recognition and likability than the original when it was aired again in 2013 (216 vs 184)

- Twice the norm, all sectors included, in terms of likability (like it very much)

- Increase of the awareness of Perrier Fines Bulles by 4 points, consideration by 5 points and trial by 4 points

Tier 3 :

- Given that it hasn’t been on air for longer than 3 month, we don’t have reliable business results yet.

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