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The Man Who Changes Mondays


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Care is vital in the world today. We live in a world where fake news, civil and political unrest, global insecurity and economic uncertainty are headlines every day. At a local level, communities are fragmented, neighborhoods are changing, technology is all consuming and this can become isolating.

Set against this backdrop, care has never been more important. It is an incredibly simple and powerful human value that is capable of producing extraordinary outcomes.

NIVEA has always stood for care. As the first brand to bring skincare to the masses, care is in NIVEA’s DNA. And it’s their belief that a little care does wonders—both for your skin and for your relationships. That is why NIVEA is celebrating the everyday people who go out of their way to show they care.


The uplifting and heartwarming story of Carl—the man who changes Mondays. Carl is a TFL train announcer with a heart of gold and even though people are only on his platform for a matter of minutes he makes it his mission to brighten their day. “This is the sunshine smiling train going all the way to Brixton” Carl announces as he high fives, fist bumps, hugs and takes selfies with anyone and everyone. Carl is a true people person, and we see in the film that he makes it his mission to bring joy to everyone he meets. Carl believes a simple smile is one of the most powerful reactions we can create. After all, as Carl says: “I smile, you smile and the whole world smiles”.

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