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The most biased sports commentators ever

TBWA\BELGIUM, Brussels / TELENET / 2016

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How could we fulfill the Play Sports believe: that better fans make better sports? How could we prove that we understand what fans are looking for in order to have the best viewing experience? The key insight was simple: if you are a football club fan and you watch your favorite team on TV, you always get a unbiased commentator. And what does a fan want? A commentator that says exactly what they want to hear. That’s why we created 2 new TV channels to watch the most important game of the year and we offered it to the fans. Each team received its designated channel and it’s own famous fan commentator. Fans at home could interact by using social media. On top, we gave the channels to all football lovers in Flanders so also they could follow for the 1st time ever the game with the most one-sided commentators.


Football fans are a special bread, who fire up their team, cheer them on no matter what. They know the players through and through. And they also seem to know better. Better than the coach, better than the referee. And definitely better than the sport commentator. So that’s why during the biggest football game of the year, every fan could chose between 3 TV channels. One channel had the regular unbiased commentator, while two other channels each had a famous fan commentator. Fans could give live their unbiased opinions during the game via social media and the famous fan commentators could pick up the social content to use in on air.


The format was so popular it will be back next season. More fans than ever before watched the game, of which more people watched the game on the designated channels with a famous fan commentator than the regular unbiased commentator. From now on, Play Sports will let fans do the commentary on a regular basis. Looks like a red card for the professionals in the commentary box.

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