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The Most Famous Griller in Peru

McCANN , Lima / BURGER KING / 2020

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Burger King Peru wanted to run a campaign based on celebrity endorsement, which would generate a lot of buzz among Peruvians and at the same time build on the main attribute of the brand - ¨FLAME GRILLED¨

To differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we wanted to go beyond local influencers and local celebrities, so we needed to recruit international celebrities , but this is Latin America we're talking about — a region where budgets aren't huge.


We discovered CAMEO an app where celebrities charge between $100 and $500 for people to send personalized messages to their friends.

But... there is a small detail Cameo...does not accept brands. So we hacked it


The goal was to get celebrities talking about our main attribute: FLAME-GRILLED HAMBURGUERS

Since Cameo doesn't accept brands, we had to find a loophole.

How? Very simple.

We used the app to ask different celebrities to compliment the hamburger-grilling skills of a guy called GUBER TORRES, who is also one of the Burger King Peru's most experienced employees (something we kept a secret ).

We were clear that it was going to be a success, because in Latin American markets, when a foreign celebrity mentions or highlights something or someone from your country, it has a huge social and media impact.


We chose 20 celebrities from CAMEO who were quite well-known in Peru and we asked them (from accounts that were not related to Burger King) to make a video talking about how Guber is a great griller and that he makes delicious and unique hamburgers in Peru. Of the 20 celebrities 19 responded.

Then we shared these videos anonymously with websites and influencers who specialized in entertainment and they went crazy when they heard different celebrities mention a Peruvian. From there everything exploded.

A few days later, we used our social media platforms to reveal that GUBER has 6 years experience cooking at our restaurant 100% beef burgers on the grill, and thats why he´s a grill king

As everybody was kind of crazy to try his hamburgers, we organized a party in our restaurant.


Spending just a couple of hundred dollars on celebrity messages for Guber we gene-rated an unprecedented response on social media and a total of USD 650,000 in earned media.

-1200 USD investment

-1900 % ROI

-350% increase in Social Mentions

-USD 650,000 Earned Media

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