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HAVAS MEDIA, Mexico City / DOS EQUIS / 2016

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We knew our target was not feeling very close/identified with the campaign's character, so we decided to involve him on the target's interests but always providing his very particular point of view, his charisma and of course, his vast experience on several topics. We decided to do it in print media, always appealing to our target's insights, to be able to turn this character into a relevant one to the eyes of young guys, whose average age is 21 y.o. But we knew we couldn't do it on the traditional way, through print ads, we had to go beyond this.


We put our character in 10 different magazine covers with national distribution, through a deep collaboration among the Agency, the Client and these 10 different editorial teams. Our character (and our brand) invaded news stands and other points of sale during all the month, getting closer to our audience.


As a result of this effort on the third quarter of 2015, we found the next results by the end of Q4:

- Authority had a growth of 6 points compared to Q3

- Approval had a growth of 8 points compared to Q3

- Closeness had a growth of 13 points compared to Q3 .

Also, some other brand indicators improved significantly:

- Top of mind had a growth of 10 points compared to Q3

- Brand liking had a growth of 6 points compared to Q3

And brand volume sales presented a growth of 19% versus the same quarter of the previous year.

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