The New Big Ford Trucks F-MAX








Ford Trucks, one of the biggest players in the field of heavy commercial vehicles, did not have a Premium segment vehicle to meet the customer’s expectations. This Premium segment was a highly competitive segment leaded by the global brands as well as with high sales and profitability potential, both globally and locally.

The new F-MAX built specially for this Premium segment by Ford Trucks engineers, was ready to be launched in 2018. Ford Trucks needed a strong and attractive approach for their first new vehicle in the Premium segment, against its competitors. A big and strong idea that both lauches the vehicle and highlights its features, also required to leverage Ford Truck’s global brand image all over the world.


Ford Trucks had built its biggest, the most comfortable and prestigious truck that the brand ever made. Prestige had to be felt on the communication and at the same time, had to be as bold as it could be to make a global impact.

Ford Trucks new Premium truck F-MAX’s most important feature is its width and height that allows the driver to get into the truck from a door, and get out from the other without even tilting their head. We are inspired and took reference from the New F-Max’s spacious interior cabin design which offers comfort and spacious.

We have designed our creative idea on the elements that could express F-Max’s features and the ones that could pass through it. That allowed us to create our globally acclaimed prestigious big idea which gives out our message powerfully.


The new big and International Trucks of the Year awarded Ford Trucks F-MAX’s most crucial feature is its cabin’s greatness… To explain its bigness both size and segment, F-MAX’s cabin welcomes huge animals, characters and numerous items that highlights its width and height that allows. Two doormen walk on a platform and open F-MAX’s doors. For starters, a boy with his bicycle looks in the eye of a doorman and want from him a permission to pass through inside the cabin. As soon as he’s allowed, the carnival starts. All the people, animals, tourists start to pass through from the cabin of F-MAX and level of difficulty increases each one. Each in turn; bicycle boy, marching band, circus team, marathon runners, bride & groom and their guests, Japan tourists, drones, motorcycle, horse, astronaut and even bull.


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