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The Numbers Game

R/GA SYDNEY, Sydney / TELSTRA / 2018

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Telstra needed to increase their customer NPS and to sell their Live Pass streaming for three major Australian sporting leagues: the AFL, NRL and Netball. Our brief was to drive downloads of these Telstra Live apps, and convert to Live Pass sales.


To prove the quality of Telstra’s live-stream apps for the Australian Football League, National Rugby League and Super Netball, we installed tracking devices on the back of players’ jerseys.

Using LPS (local positioning system) technology, these Telstra Tracker wearables tracked every action the players made during the game: each and every run, kick, pass, try, tackle and goal. In real time.

Each week of the 2017 Finals and 2018 regular season, we combined this tracker data with league metadata and mined it to uncover the surprising (and often counterintuitive) statistical trends as they emerged, bringing these data stories to life as animated infographics on Facebook and Twitter.

Whether it was a defensive deficiency for the Raiders in the NRL, a dependency on opposition errors for the Tigers in the AFL, or a straight shootout for accuracy between the Firebirds and the Swifts in the Netball, we gave fans insights into their team that they couldn’t get from anywhere else.

Each data story was geo-targeted to the teams’ fans and rivals alike, sparking conversation (and often fierce debate) in social media in the lead up to the next game.

The campaign achieved 38.3M impressions that converted into over 1.2M app downloads; results so successful that the client cancelled the campaign early...before fans demanded that we bring it back.

The Numbers Game: A season-long data story, powered by Telstra.

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