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Beyond Retro has always sold second-hand clothes – and today, sustainability is more important than ever. Consumers have grown more aware about the waste of clothes, and more second-hand shops have opened up. This makes it necessary for Beyond Retro to stand out and profile themselves as the #1 second-hand shop that’s serious about recycling. How? By showing the true power of recycling.

The brief was to prove their position, that they’re serious about recycling, and show the real importance of recycling to their target-audience, in a way that would create noise and engagement – to increase sales. A big challenge was Beyond Retro’s low (almost zero) marketing-budget in Sweden.

The primary objective was to position Beyond Retro as an innovator within the industry (proving that they’re serious about recycling). The secondary objective was to do it in a way that would naturally create noise and engagement to increase sales.


We printed 40.000 Organ Donor Price Tags, which were put on clothes in all Beyond Retro stores in Sweden. To raise awareness, we launched the initiative with an event at Beyond Retro’s flagship stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Here, people were invited to hear about the situation in Sweden and got the opportunity to shop and fill out their own Organ Donor Cards.

We ran print-ads in two of Sweden’s biggest magazines and made a film that was spread via Beyond Retro’s social platforms. As we had partnered with the non-profit organization “More Organ Donation”, they promoted the initiative through their own channels.

Beyond Retro will continue printing Organ Donor Price Tags and put them on all of their stock. This is more than a new media-channel for Beyond Retro; this is an initiative that they will continue with as a natural extension of their brand promise!