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The Peruvian soccer team return to a World Cup after 36 years and their fans are willing to give everything to prove they can be local at any stadium, including Russia, a country located more than 14 000 km away from ours and with great differences such as culture, language, traditions and even social media. We must add that although we knew that thousands of peruvians would travel to Russia, we wouldn’t exceed in quantity of hosts, whom could even have preferences on buying tickets by order of their president.

Cerveza Cristal, No 1 fan of national team, had to find a way to reverse the situation in our favor, so that peruvian cheers doesn’t stop being felt in every corner of Russia. All the world had their eyes in the World Cup and we could not fail.


We made the Russian learn our chants and be part of the world’s best football fans, filling with joy streets and stadiums to levels never seen before. And despite our differences one thing united us: The love for football. It’s because of that, that Russians empathize and loved us. They wanted to be part of our big “Blanquirroja” party and they already wear our colors. We just need them to sing our chants. How could we achieve it?

We infiltrate into the most popular social media in Russia: VK. With the help of geolocation targeting, we impact Russian fans with video lyrics of our chants with a small variant: they had their own Russian phonetic. This way, Peruvians and Russians could cheer together not only in the different stadiums where we played, but also in every corner of Russia. An unprecedented fact that would make international media something to talk.


We were clear that reaching Russian soccer lovers would be complicated, but with a little inspiration and ingenuity we were able to achieve it. They, like most of the world, are always connected to social media, so we knew that their favorite social media is VK, was a easiest way to delivered our message. We made a correct use of the geolocation to reach precisely the Russians, who were close to places where Peruvian fans crowded together to encourage the team, mainly in “Plazas” and stadiums. They already had our colors and thanks to the videos that we upload through VK, we managed to increase the number of fans for our team and show why later we would be considered the best fans in the world.


We infiltrate VK, the most popular social media in Russia. We created a profile and uploaded several videos lyrics of the main chants of the Peruvian fans, with the small variant that these had Russian phonetics, evading the language barrier. We used the geolocation to reach the Russians who were close to places where Peruvian fans meet to encourage the team, mainly in “Plazas” and stadiums. Where not only were fans but also several media that would later immortalize the moment with their cameras and make this feat a world news. In addition, several tourists were stunned by the euphoria of the “Blanquirrojo’s” party and did not hesitate to share the moment through their social media. In the stadiums, although we were hundreds of thousands, with the Russians we looked like millions, an important factor to become the best fans in the world.


We increased the share of Cristal in the portfolio (mix) + 6% (Q2 '18 vs Q1 '18).

We increased the Net Revenue of the brand during the World Cup period: 150.8 Mio vs 143.1 Mio USD (goal proposed by Cristal).

We managed to differentiate ourselves from the advertising noise during the World Cup.

Differentiation indicator.

“Different from other brands” + 20% (Q3’18 vs Q1’18)

We obtained 130k of impressions.

We managed to connect with the young audience (18-23 years), increasing the "Brand Love" by + 16% (Q3'18 vs. Q1 '18).

We managed to increase the "Sets the trends" indicator by + 14% (Q3 '18 vs Q1 '18).

We achieved 96% positive sentiment, exceeding + 37% our goal.

We triple the Interaction rate benchmark of Facebook by 2.2%, achieving 8.8%

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