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In 2020, the LGBTQIAP+ community faced an unprecedented challenge. Pride parades across the globe had to be cancelled for the first time in more than half a century.

To ensure visibility for the community, we teamed up with CSD Germany and turned GAY PRIDE into #STAYPRIDE – a digital protest from the safety of your bed that took place on Instagram.

For the perfect Bed-In backdrop, we even designed a limited bed linen collection:

The Christopher Sheets.

But one thing was still missing: A matching protest sign.

How could we equip the Pride fighters without them having to leave the safety of their homes?


The solution was simple: We developed a packaging for the Christopher Sheets that turns into a complete LGBTQIAP+ demonstration kit including a stable protest sign.

Our box was sent to selected supporters and influencers contactless to kickstart the #STAYPRIDE initiative and inspire others to join the digital parade. That way, a simple shipping box became an integral part of a protest movement.


We developed our packaging as an homage to Pride street protests and the beauty that lies within the diversity of the LGBTQIAP+ community. From the outside, the box seemed to be made of nothing more than corrugated cardboard and some tape to hold everything together. But upon opening, a first look into the box revealed a colorful surprise:

Numerous Pride flags from non-binary to intersex, every group was represented.

Then, with a few cuts and kinks, the fully recyclable box could be disassembled into a large protest sign and the pre-cut flags which could be used to design your message. As well as their backsides which served a double function as stencils for statements. Two roles of enclosed Pride tape completed the kit. Eventually, not a single part of the packaging was useless – each little bit had its task.


To activate the community, we identified and contacted well-known LGBTQIAP+ influencers and supporters who were supposed to start the protest with their bed-in content on Instagram for Global Pride Day. With a response rate of 57%, an encouragingly large number of people came on board unpaid – and helped get an initiative going that was joined by countless people around the world.

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