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CP+B, Boulder / FRUIT OF THE LOOM / 2017

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We created a whole new category of sweats for our client that would get people talking about Fruit of the Loom, and that would ultimately reinvigorate the brand in the eyes of a new generation. We called it: the Professionals Collection – a limited-edition run of 4 new sweat “suits” that offer the perfect combination of comfort and success.


Limited by a $300K budget, we focused our dollars on highly targeted digital and social buys to young men who had interacted with our brand in past campaigns. Playing on the audacity of a legitimately stylish sweat suit, and the even more audacious fact that traditional brand Fruit of the Loom was behind it, we worked with producers at major daytime TV shows to share our message, and seeded the collection with high-profile online news sites.


In less than two days, the entire Professionals Collection had sold out. More importantly, During the 4 short days of this campaign, Google search interest for “Fruit of the Loom sweats” was DOUBLE that of the past two years COMBINED (via Google trends). And in that time, the Collection was picked up by over 100+ television affiliates and countless digital outlets. From The Today Show and, to Live with Kelly and FastCo Create, everyone was talking about the Professionals Collection. The campaign became a trending phenomenon, ultimately giving our client what they really needed: relevance, respect, and consideration amongst a younger audience.

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