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EB was one of the first, new Polish beer brands in 90s. It’s history, communication and as well, disappearance from the Polish market made the brand iconic, but now completely forgotten. However, Grupa Zywiec decided that there is a place for an EB brand. The challenge was that this time we were not targeting the brand to the ones that already know it, but for the new target - guys that are 18-26 years old and many of them were not even born in the time were EB was on the market. Another obstacle was a nature of the beer category in Poland – a highly competitive environment, not only because of lots of lagers, but craft beers that gained in popularity and market share among young people. We had to show the new face of the EB brand, but also be aware of its unique history and heritage.


Rap is the most popular music genre in Poland, not only in our TG, but overall. It has taken YouTube by storm with millions of views on each song. However, rap has its very own drama - the young fans don’t respect “the oldschoolers” and vice versa. It’s a generational thing. EB, a beer from the 90s that wanted to win a new generation of consumers took this cultural insight to create an experience for the whole rap community and reunite conflicted fanbases. In The Rap Reunion we’ve joined two old rap legends and two modern rap stars in a musical project where they collaborated in pairs – they reinterpreted each other’s most famous tracks to find a cross-generational understanding. The campaign gave an experience of the brand essence by mixing 90s heritage with modern swag and did something that beer and music are made for - brought people together.


The lack of enough TV budget and TG behavior forced us to turn mainly to YouTube when thinking about EB campaign. However, YouTube policy prohibit to advertise beer on the platform in Poland. We had to find the way to hack the YouTube and build a reach communication. We’ve decided that the best way is to use what is most popular on Polish YT - rap music videos. And it was a big win for a brand, as the videos broke Polish Internet, gaining 70 millions views. But the plan for the campaign was to enhance the overall musical experience as much as possible for the artist’s fanbases. That’s why we created limited edition of beer cans with quotes from the songs, 15” TVCs with the artists, docuseries showing behind the scenes and one final event that brought together Polish rap community in real life.


The core of the campaign was the reinterpretation of the tracks by the two duos of one young and one old rapper (Sokól/Sitek and Pezet/Zabson). Each of the four tracks had a music video starring the duos. The creative process behind the production of new music was documented in 6 episodes of behind the scenes videos published on YouTube. To bring the music experience out of the digital landscape to real life we created the special line of beer cans with quotes from the songs on it. The campaign had its big conclusion during one final event in the National Theatre where the brand brought together 13 artists from different generations on stage as their fans could experience music beyond generational boundaries. The event was streamed on Facebook and Onet, the biggest web portal in Poland, making it a reuniting moment for the whole rap community in Poland.


The 4 music videos from EB generated over 70 million views and over 20 000 comments on YouTube alone and were widely commented on Polish media. The EB campaign was considered as a breath of a fresh air in a Polish music scene and a much needed step forward towards ending the generational conflict in the rap community.

The fans shared and remixed the songs as well. One of the most popular music TV station in Poland, 4Fun TV, even created its own version of one of the music videos. The videos made it to various lists of the best Polish music videos in history (NewOnce, RedBull Music).

The final event reached nearly 1 million viewers during live stream.

Overall the campaign established EB as the most culturally relevant brand in Poland and the music fans actively seek for its next musical projects.