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The Refugee Résumé

JUNG VON MATT, Hamburg / SOCIAL-BEE / 2018


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We are turning the gap in the CV that an escape leaves behind into a strength: the real escape route of every individual becomes a part of the overall design.

With the help of Google Maps and the refugees’ memories, the routes got individually graphed and integrated into the Refugee Résumés. Every graph is unique.

„The Refugee Résumé“ is not just a visual idea. It is the first CV especially designed to show that refugees can be proud of what they have overcome and that there is no need to hide it or explain themselves.

Target Audience: HR Executives and companies in Munich, Stuttgart, and Hamburg.


The first run was done in Munich, Hamburg, and Stuttgart. Already the first send-outs raised positive feedback. Within the first month, Social-Bee sent out about 26 applications.


The results:

On average, every 4th application led to a permanent employment. Before that, the rate was every 10th application for companies that did not have a partnership with Social-Bee yet.

This is why the Refugee Résumé became a standard tool for daily business and gets used as a part of every application dossier now.

Value added to brand:

Social-Bee has to fight against the structural temping agency image, even though they are non-profit. This is why it added a high image value: it shows that every refugee is treated with time and respect.

Value for the consumer:

One the one hand, HR managers learn about the refugee’s background before even meeting the applicant. On the other hand, it leads to work, which is the best way to a successful integration. Therefore, it is taking part in solving a big social issue in Germany.

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