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The School of Decoration

YMEDIA, Madrid / IKEA / 2016

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Case Film






To open a virtual school of decoration through a website and transform it into reality. The content generated lived in digital environments and eventually became a TV show.

And so, The School of Decoration was born.


We created a proprietary television format consisting of 13 one-hour episodes where we tackled 26 different cases, and in each case our coaches did everything they could to help all those people who needed to redecorate their spaces.

The channel with the coverage and time-slot with the most affinity to IKEA’s target trusted us to broadcast the content, and when we finally aired the program all communication media picked up the story: IKEA has launched a school of decoration open to everyone.


It drew 8 million viewers, the online content had more than 10 million views, and it unexpectedly produced a stream of ‘new decorators’ showing their logos on social media, where many of them used the occasion to thank and congratulate the programme.

At the end of the season, 69% of people surveyed said they’d seen The School of Decoration, and a large majority associated it with IKEA. Many of them picked up practical ideas and inspiration, and almost all of them wanted to visit our stores.

Ultimately we were able to reach our objective of making IKEA’s School of Decoration the place that helps all of us discover the decorator we have inside us.

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