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RETHINK, Toronto / IKEA / 2021

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IKEA is in their leap year of sustainability, with all brand-layer communications having a mandate to incorporate and bring to the forefront their belief in sustainability. This year, the IKEA Kitchen sale was focused around IKEA’s sustainable product offerings - everything from sustainably made kitchen countertops to faucets that help save water. But we needed to go beyond product to attract new customers to the IKEA brand through our value in sustainability and inspire people with ways to practice sustainability in their own homes.


The IKEA ScrapsBook was designed for anyone that wants to practice sustainability in their homes, but may not know where to start.

We created the IKEA ScrapsBook by collaborating with 10 chefs across North America to bring the book to life including Top Chef Canada’s Trevor Bird to up-and-coming restaurateur Adrian Forte. The limited-edition book itself was designed with sustainability in mind, and features solvent-free inks and recycled paper.

The cookbook is filled with 50 recipes that span across cuisines dedicated to cooking with the bits of food you’d usually think of as waste or compost like carrot tops, banana peels, wilting greens, and old beans.


The kitchen is the most wasteful room in the home, where we waste water, electricity, and a lot of food. Food waste is a global problem contributing to the climate crisis, and 1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown away every year - food that could have been eaten.

While many people want to practice sustainability in the home, it often feels like a monumental task requiring significant capital costs and they quite simply just don’t know where to start.

We wanted to inspire people to live less wastefully in their kitchen and show them how they could practice sustainability through small, affordable actions.


The IKEA ScrapsBook allows everyone to practice sustainability in the home, turning food that normally goes to waste in the kitchen into delicious dishes.

But in addition to the cookbook, we wanted to create a movement around the behaviour of ‘Scrapcooking.’ So we hosted weekly Instagram Lives with chefs on the @ikeacanada Instagram page where our chefs would prepare one of their favourite dishes from the ScrapsBook. We also created a whole scrappy campaign around the IKEA ScrapsBook with executions like OOH, digital, and social pieces that drove consumers to download the book on

Best of all, the IKEA ScrapsBook is completely FREE for anyone who wants to live more sustainably in their homes through the IKEA Family loyalty program, and for everyone across the globe on, as well as major ebook retailers like Apple Books and Google Play Books.


After the IKEA ScrapsBook launched, people all over the world downloaded it and it became #1 and #2 cookbooks on Apple Books (English and French respectively). The IKEA ScrapsBook immediately generated buzz and was featured on Fast Company, NBC, the Chicago Tribune, and many more. Within the first two weeks of launch, we earned more than 13 million social impressions, 220 million media impressions, 36,000 downloads of the ebook, and saved a lot of food scraps from being wasted.

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