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ELASTIC, Santa Monica / HBO / 2015

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We gave fans of Game of Thrones the same power to see the future as the characters on the show. We released a mysterious vision on social media, driving people to a mobile website to receive the power of The Sight via SMS or Twitter DM, no other information was given. We chose four regions for SMS opt-in and global opt-in for Twitter. Over twelve weeks, fans received messages with a link to their vision. To further vary the experience, we randomized the visions sent based on location. Links burned upon click, visions were single view and unshareable.


The objective was love, so psychographics were key to measure success. Fans and the media speculated about the experience, even making it a trending topic on both Facebook and Twitter. The key emotions displayed were Love/Affection, Desire/Joy, Aggression/Anger and Intent to Watch. Aggression/Anger was viewed as a positive as it was fans expressing their surprise and grudging appreciation at the ephemeral nature of the visions, then demanding more. 88% of fans that received visions shared on social media. The visions were viewed over 11 Million times, each vision release (6) created a social bloom for 48 hours, with sustained conversation over the entire 12 week period. An additional client objective was to grow the GoT twitter following. The campaign added 72,000 new followers. The campaign generated a total impression count (which is still growing) of 47 Million.

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