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TBWA\KUALA LUMPUR, Kuala Lumpur / PIZZA HUT / 2020

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First, Pizza Hut was known as an eat-in establishment, and was losing out to companies like Dominos, McDonalds, Food Panda and Grab Food, because they’re synonymous with food deliveries. Secondly, millennials preferred brands that connected with them, which Pizza Hut failed to do over the years and made them outdated.

Pizza Hut needed to revive the brand. But how could Pizza Hut reconnect with millennials in a cool way? And how could Pizza Hut tempt them to have pizzas delivered to their homes? This campaign ran for a period of 6 months (3 for first phase, and 3 for second phase), across all of Malaysia. Each phase had a set of designs.


Pizza and music are better together.

And what better way to enjoy pizza and music together than in one awesome package – a pizza box that also doubles as a turntable. To deliver on this promise, Pizza Hut collaborated with Universal Music, and created The Singing Pizza. We turned our pizza boxes into digital turntables so millennials could enjoy great pizza and cool tunes to party anytime, anywhere. All they had to do was scan the QR code on the pizza box, and they’ll get access to hundreds of cool tunes.


Music is the ultimate passion point.

We looked at what the audience loved most, and music came out tops. Spotify accounts, YouTube views of music videos, and concert ticket sales (pre-pandemic) all showed how music was the runaway leader among the many Millennial passion points. This became our way to connect with Millennials.

We then collaborated with Universal Music because they had a vast catalogue of Malaysian and International artists that appealed to the audience, and they also agreed to provide unreleased versions of popular tracks, thus making the collection desirable among music fans.

The call-to-action was simple : order a pizza, get the pizza along with the specially designed box, and enjoy great food with some great music.


We created three pizza box designs that resembled turntables, harmoniously crafted to pay tribute to different genres of music and bring out elements of Pizza Hut’s great pizzas. We used dance, jazz, and rock, as they were three popular genres, and were the cornerstone of our collection of songs.

To keep cost down, we utilised two colour printing – red and black. They made the designs edgy and young, and were also Pizza Hut’s corporate colours, which made branding strong. All people had to do was scan the QR code, place their phone on the box and press play to hear exclusive and unreleased music by Universal Music. The more pizzas they ordered, the more songs and goodies they got to unlock.

For the second phase, we created another set of three boxes, utilising the same graphical treatment, but working in the profiles of three Universal Music artists from Malaysia.


The campaign delivered what it promised, with almost 2.8 million Pizza Hut boxes delivered throughout Malaysia within the campaign period. This amounted to an increase of 6% in sales, compared to the previous 6-month period.

Perception of Pizza Hut also changed, with many on social media giving positive reviews about the pizza, as well as comments and postings about the box designs, the turntable mechanism, and also the selection of songs.

Brand reconnection was also high, with around 130,000 lapse Pizza Hut customers (those who have not ordered from Pizza Hut for the last 6 months) ordering from the brand again at least once.

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