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Freia Toppris is a Norwegian chocolate classic, famous for its delicious taste - but also quirky advertising. After years of "silence", Freia wanted to boost Toppris penetration in a younger target group, as the heavy-users of Toppris were getting older.

The market for chocolate bars is highly competitive, where big players like Mars and Snickers dominate, especially among young people.

The task to the agency was to increase awareness and interest in Toppris, to help increase penetration.


Although its been on the market for nearly 80 years, the Toppris brand and personality was relatively unknown to young people in Norway. The quirkiness of the brand, and its weird advertising was last seen in the late 90's.

Young Norwegians are considered health conscious, but chocolate and snacking is still a big industry, and Norway ranks #5 in the world in chocolate consumption (Forbes, 2018). The market for chocolate bars is where brand's fight for preference among young consumers, hence a key priority for Freia.

Although it was one of the top 10 bars sold in Norway, consumer knew the product but not the brand. To succeed, we needed to make a chocolate classic relevant to young people, and introduce them to the brand's quirky inventiveness.


The way the film set was made, and the timing of how different elements (such as the cut out version of the Skip Ad sign) was planned to match the media buying on YouTube.

It was important that the inventors were real, and not actors. Their performance should appear natural, and personal in the pre-roll ads.

A total of three elevator pitch films were produced and aired with equal rotation in ordrer to make the competition real.

The whole production of the Toppris Skip Ad Elevator Pitch is fine tuned to match the YouTube universe and how people are used to interact with ads vs. content.

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