The Spoiler Show

DE VLOER, Antwerp / EÉN (VRT) / 2017

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Home, a popular Belgian soap opera, ended its season with a massive cliff-hanger. We needed something to spike interest for its upcoming season after a 2 month summer hiatus.

The Brief was to re-energize existing Home fans. And more importantly attract a newer, younger audience.


The Spoiler Show is an idea that skips all the advertising codes. In fact, it doesn't really look like advertising at all.

We used the same setup, props and decor of The Three Wise Men gameshow. The same host and the same cameracrew and editing studio. Apart from the actors of Home and the subject of the cliffhanger everything looked exactly the same as any other episode.

The idea was executed on Facebook Live, the perfect medium as it's live, reaches a different and much younger audience, has a great reach and enables direct interaction with the viewers.