Cannes Lions

The Story of Tsutomu Yamaguchi

FILADELFIA, Belo horizonte / BOATOS.ORG / 2019

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Fake news are a world phenomenon, and in Brazil it's been particularly dangerous for democracy. Also, it is a country where incredible things happen, making difficult for people to know what is true and what is not. The client is a fact-checking website, ran by independent jouralists, dedicated to debunk rumors and myths. We used an incredible true story that happens in Japan to show that, in a world where what's true may seem fake and what's fake may seem true, it's essential to have trusted sources.


The film was entirely produced using traditional frame-by-frame 2D animation, with digital resources. We made an extensive research on Japanese animation techniques that could be applied to the script. The character and scenario were designed and illustrated to achieve maximum animation flow, keeping the elements that refer to the Japanese culture. We avoided using Manga as a reference – it would be pretty obvious. All the solids were created on Photoshop, then animated with Toon Boom. The result was an almost vectorized offline movie, with several moments between the frames illustrated by the concept artist. The finishing was also done by painting frame-by-frame on Photoshop, with the same brushes used over the characters and scenario, moving the textures on the screen, along with the animation flow.