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Heineken was becoming a greener brand globally, but especially in Brazil, the brand’s greatest market in the world. Heineken partnered with a renewable energy distributor to share the same green energy of their breweries with all 208 million Brazilians, lowering their impact on the planet and on their energy bill. So great initiative should generate a huge impact, but only on people. Our objective was to raise awareness to what the brand was doing and at the same to generate leads for the initiative that required only a registration to happen.


Our idea started with the fact that the black color in some screens use less light, so they consume less energy. Then, we aired an ad during Brazilian prime time simultaneously in Open TV channels to make 33 million TVs run with a black screen for 45 seconds, making each one of them to save energy while we called all the country to save even more energy with Heineken’s initiative of sharing green energy.


Our idea was to impact the majority of people possible with just 1 exhibition, so we aired an ad during Brazilian prime time simultaneously in Open TV channels, impacting 33 million TV sets. We also created a specific SEO strategy to generate better lead results once people started to go digital after seeing the ad on television.


We gathered Brazilian television data to understand how many TV sets in the country would save energy with a black screen and to our surprise we discovered that potentially 100% of them would be more sustainable. The only exception were the LCD ones (27% of TVs in Brazil) and only when they weren’t on HDR mode. Then, we aired the ad simultaneously in Open TV channels and used a SEO strategy to increase the leads on digital, after the ad was displayed.


33 million TV sets airing a black screen for 45 seconds simultaneously.

300 million impressions.

4,7 MegaWatts/hour saved, enough to power an entire city in Brazil.

34% reduction of energy consumption during prime time.

30,000 houses registered to receive Heineken’s renewable energy in just 24 hours.

Heineken was 10 times more mentioned on social media than average.

And not only the brand got more interest, but also the topic, since search for ‘green energy’, ‘renewable energy’ and ‘heineken green energy’ increased up to 4250%.

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