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The Synchrone Bank

LANDOR, Paris / BANQUE PRIVEE 1818 / 2017

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Picture what a private bank and its clients look like. Now take this image—a conventional gold and beige carpet rolled out for old money—and bring it up to today’s world, made of a new generation of entrepreneurs. How can you conquer these new clients that build and grow their wealth at a frantic rhythm, when they picture you stuck in time? We reinvented Banque Privée 1818 to make it the perfectly agile partner to follow them in their every movement. We created a brand that promises full synchronicity with its clients, their world and their needs: The Synchrone Bank


Two colors are intertwined to represent the two sides of the relationship: the bank and its clients. These relationships are tailor-made, and so are the posters. They are unique hand-woven pieces that tell the story of Banque Privée 1818’s synchrone promise, on the walls of their new headquarters.


Banque Privée 1818’s redesigned brand experience, brought to life with a spectrum of semantic and visual metaphors, successfully conquered a new generation of clientele, acquiring one new prospect per day within the target. The website experienced a 325% increase in traffic between June and September of 2016 compared to February and May of the same year, drawing visitors to spend 27% more time on the site. Contact conversion on these prospects grew by 48% in 2016 versus 2015, overcoming the declining confidence in the banking industry.

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