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The Tearytears by Tempo

DLV BBDO, Milan / TEMPO / 2022

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Tempo, the most loved tissue brand in Italy, believes that tears are not something to be afraid of, but instead a positive resource to understand us and others, and eventually be happy.

But in Italy almost half of the population is taught from an early age not to cry: men. Due to machismo culture, little boys grow up thinking that tears are something to repress in order to become real men.

Tempo decided to take a real action, by creating an education tool for children and parents: the TearyTales.

The TearyTales by Tempo aimed to tell the positive effects of crying for boys both to children and their parents and start a social conversation about the role of tears in boys education.


The TairyTears by Tempo are three stories, available on Alexa and Tempo website, that tell that tears are fundamental for little boys to grow up and find happiness.

An education tool for parents and an empowering experience for little boys.

Each tale has a little boy as protagonist in order to make children empathize with the story and tells a different positive power of tears.

The “Dragon and the Magic Tears” aims to teach what empathy is to little children and how tears can inspire it.

“Happily and Sadly Ever After” tells why sadness and tears exist and why they are fundamental: thanks to them we can recognize real happiness.

“Every tear is a seed” tells that tears help us grow by making us think of our mistakes and learn from them.


The stigma about male tears is so so deeply rooted in Italian culture that Tempo needed a powerful yet gentle and entertaining way to change perspective.

That’s why Tempo decided to avoid a traditional communication campaign and create instead a new piece of culture.

Something that could easily fit in the everyday life and education of little boys and their parents: fairytales.

We used the most traditional way to teach to children, but with a revolutionary message: boys can cry and tears actually help them grow up and become happy men.

An entertaining lesson is always a lesson learned. That’s why TearyTales are audio stories: an immersive experience with a highly crafted sound design and the voice of a famous Italian actor.


The launch took place through an integrated strategy and the synergistic use of different touchpoints.

“The Tearytears by Tempo” was born as a skill that can be activated on Alexa, in such a way as to hit the target in the home environment. They are also made available on the Tempo website in audio format, and in an illustrated booklet version that can be downloaded in such a way as to make bedtime stories available to everyone even in the most "traditional" way.

The project was supported by social publishing plan and by the activation of a network of macro and micro influencers to amplify the message on a specific target: parents with kids 3-8yo.

The influencers spread the message on their social channels and presented them to the public using a branded, containing the Tempo Box packs and the illustrated stories.


The project was greatly appreciated, especially by parents. It was a message that no brand had ever launched before, and the fact that it was launched with fables to speak directly to their children was really valued.

+45% traffic to site

10k streams

+400k social interaction

9M reach

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