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The Aladina Foundation,, celebrates its 13th anniversary, over a decade in which it hasn't stopped looking after children and adolescents who have cancer as well as their families. The organisation led by Paco Arango is present in 13 hospitals and every year helps hundreds of children in very different ways:psychological support, physical training, volunteering, special help, decoration, large constructions and summer camps.

In its campaigns about children's cancer, it puts patients at the centre. The aim of this campaign was to put the focus on mothers and fathers of children with cancer, people who are key in the process of the illness, we centre on their concern, on their sleepless nights, their pain. That's why, as a tribute, we wanted to put the place where they experience all of this at the front: the hospital armchair.


The Aladina Foundation carried out this campaign to raise awareness about childhood cancer and raise funds to continue helping families of children hit by this illness.

When we hear about a case of childhood cancer, the normal thing to do is to worry and focus our attention on the children, but there are people who suffer even more than they do: their parents , who can spend months with their child, sitting on a hospital armchair next to their bed. These armchairs have to put up with a heavy psychological load, all the anguish of a mother and father, sleepless nights, worry, uncertainty ...


As a tribute we wanted to put the place where they experience all of this at the front.The Aladina Foundation introduces the toughest armchair. The only Armchair that can put up with the pain and helplessness of parents of a child with cancer.


With the aim of raising awareness and increasing participation, as part of the campaign 15 interviews were filmed with some well-known faces (Cayetana Guillen Cuervo, Marta Sanchez, Elena Furiase, Eugenia Osborne, Fionar Ferrer, Roberto Brasero, Laura Baena and Juan Peña), all of them altruistically. This content formed a website and was viral.

The armchair was physically placed in different spots around Madrid and was finally auctioned on 24May in an auction that took place in the Santo Mauro AC Hotel conducted by Sotheby's (the amount raised would go to the children with cancer who are looked after by the foundation).

The central piece of the multichannel campaign was a 45' ad for digital media with a 20" version for television and there was also an out of home presence (munis and buses), press, radio, banners and street actions.


- 61,000 Euros was paid at the auction for this very normal hospital armchair that doesn't even cost 200€.

- Over 115,000€ raised and destined to the creation of a psychological and logistical support unit for parents.

- Over 1 million Euros in Earned Media.

- Over 20% new affiliates and SMS (with a value of over 8,649€).

- We have direct records from the ads, covering the aims of awareness and knowledge of the campaign. We got 37,958 views on the foundation's Youtube channel and have organically achieved a total of 4,049 views.

- The average daily impacts in the media was 32.

- 86% of donors were new and the ROI on this campaign is estimated at 1.63 over 12 months.