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UK tooth decay in under-5s is at an all-time high of 40%. Children are seemingly impervious to oral hygiene messaging. Our idea was to speak directly to children in terms they could engage with. We packaged our message within a fun children’s storybook, released at Easter - time of highest chocolate consumption in the UK. (The average UK child receives 8 eggs!) The Easter Bunny’s Smile story and colouring book contained a simple moral story about the importance of dental hygiene. As bunny cleans his teeth in the story, a special paper treatment means his teeth cannot be coloured in, and remain pure brilliant white.

Books were given away in special Easter Egg hunts, in packs containing the book, colouring pencils, Brush Baby toothpaste and brush sets, and an Easter egg.

The resulting coloured-in storybooks were then used to make our poster campaign, aimed at parents, art directed by 5-year-olds!


The storybook was written and illustrated in a fun style to deliver strong moral and technical hygiene messages that kids could understand and enjoy –The Easter Bunny’s Smile. A tale of Easter Bunny who‘s too fond of chocolate and didn’t look after his teeth. In addition, we made it a colouring book, so kids could engage and have extra dwell time with the story. To demonstrate our message further, when Bunny cleans his teeth in the story, a special paper coating on his teeth means they cannot be coloured in and remain pure brilliant white.

Each book was given away in special Easter Egg Hunts. In baskets containing the book, colouring pencils, Brush Baby toothbrush and toothpaste, and an Easter Egg.

The hunts took place over Easter weekend in UK. Film of the activity was seeded in social channels. The coloured-in books became our OOH campaign, art directed by 5-year-olds!


Brush Baby set us the target of establishing themselves within the dental industry as a brand that understands not only children’s dental needs, but also their attitudes when it comes to brushing their teeth.

As a result of the campaign, Brush Baby have received inundated requests for the book which exceeded the print run. Educational leaders have also got in touch with the brand to use the books as an educational tool. This has evolved the campaign to petition the UK government to prioritize children’s dental care in a number of upcoming legislations. We hope to gain momentum from more activations and books which are currently in the pipeline with Brush Baby.