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The Public Foundation ‘Don’t Be Silent!’ is fighting for women's rights and encourages females not to be silent about cases of sexual violence. The objective is to draw the attention of the Parliament, make them see the real scale of the problem and tighten the penalty for sex violence. The Foundation does not have any budget for the campaign because spends all donations on supporting women victims of violence, giving them shelter, food and money for the living.


We found a new media to draw people’s attention: in flower shops we replaced the popular wrapping paper for bouquets called ‘newspaper’ with other wrapping paper on which dozens of stories from the ‘Don’t Be Silent!’ foundation were printed. And all these stories were about violence against women in which rapists did not receive the punishment they deserve. We called it “The Unsilent Bouquet».


The Government doesn’t see the whole scale of the problem so it does not consider sexual violence as a serious crime: the punishment for rape is 2-3 years. While cattle rustling is given 5 years. Moreover, only 1 out of 7 rapists locked up in prison.

This is a vicious circle: women are silent - that’s why the Government doesn’t see the problem - that’s why women don’t receive protection - that’s why women are silent.

Deputy of the Parliament of Kazakhstan Nurlan Abdirov said: ‘As a Public Foundation you should bump this topic, create wave of discussions around this problem. If it will go from the bottom - you will be heard here on the top, in the Government’.

The Unsilent bouquets should bump the topic both among public and government officials, making society not to be silent about this problem, and raise discussions to the top.


Our message was sent directly from the flower shop to a woman. Unsilent bouquets were presented to women, on the streets, in cafes, offices and protest meeting for women's rights. We sent bouquets to a well-known journalists, bloggers and the Parliament deputies.

So they could read dozens of stories written on the bouquet wrapping paper - about violence against women when rapists did not receive the punishment they deserve. And get the clear understanding of the large scale problem and unfair law that makes women be silent.

People supported the project, raised wave of discussions in social and mass media, and encouraged female friends and subscribers not to be silent anymore.

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