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MADE, Mexico City / SAVE THE CHILDREN / 2023







For many years Save the Children and many other charitable organizations had use harmful images, and crude reality to stand out and make people help other people, kids, animals, the environment, etc… But they are so many organizations out there making the same, that all these types of communication became a landscape.

That's why for the 50th-anniversary of Save the Children we decided to make this different, we decided that this year is a celebration, is a happy birthday, and in every happy birthday, the one that is celebrating always blows the candles making a wish. So if we can make a wish for our anniversary what could it be? Well, it is that more and more children could be taken out of dangerous situations for them to have a brighter future. And that’s what this film is all about.


We decided the right way to create this film was going to real spaces where is normal to see kids in these situations, also was important to show these places and situations, not in a bad way, or a dramatic scenes… because most of the times commercials overdramatizes the violence or dangers and when people watch this do not seem them reflected. Also all these places are beautiful Mexican landscapes. (It looks beautiful and colorful).

The idea was clear, making our wish come true, and the best way was to make the blow come true with a huge production and post-production design. We used a crane and cables to make these kids fly for real and then with drone backgrounds films and kids flying we compose all the scenes of the kids being taken out from these places and enjoying flying to a better future.


First of all, all the people, brands and organizations that make this creative idea became true. The best production and post-production company in Mexico donated the film, the music company donated “Las mañanitas” song that is the happy birthday song in Mexico, also Televisa donated the tv spots (the biggest Mexican broadcaster that reaches each part of the country), and also Cinemex (The biggest cinema brand in Mexico) that will join with spots spaces before the movies.

Also in people… although the campaign was just released, Save the Children is receiving great awareness, great engagement, and all that is being reflected in donations. This campaign will run in 2023 with this film and many more celebrating actions.

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