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SPOON, Tokyo / TOYOTA / 2015







A coming of age story about a young man and a car set in Japan, Australia and South Africa. The joy of purchasing your dream car; the unforgettable memories from all the long drives: only with these sentimental values can the car truly become "your very own car.” As soon as TOYOTA released this short film it attracted a lot of attention, leaving a strong impression of TOYOTA’s honest and straight-forward approach towards making cars.


Never has the world seen anything like this.

The same "one story" shot in three countries, played on the same screen simultaneously: 180 seconds, consisting of 112 scenes, all in perfect synchronisation.

It all started in Japan. As the creative director thought nothing interesting can come out something made solemnly for the purpose of “matching”, the Japanese version was produced with complete freedom; however, detailed, precise measurements and data were noted for each scene in order to realise the synchronicity amongst the three countries.

The focus of the two other countries was to "match" the Japanese version. Over two months were spent scoping out the perfect location in Australia and South Africa. Multiple auditions took place in search for cast members resembling the Japanese actors.

There were countless hurdles to overcome: the crew struggling to reconstruct each angle even with the same equipment and data measurements as in Japan; the cast working hard to time their lines and gestures accordingly; the editors constantly testing the images out on set, frame-by-frame…

With the hard work and effort of over 300 staff members from three countries in a span of six long months was this new sensation of a film created.

This 180 second film taken across three nations has been shot identically, down to every angle, cut, and even the smallest details including the delivery of the actors’ lines and actions. It also highlights picturesque scenery and cultural aspects of each country. The juxtaposition of these two elements creates an indescribable feeling of uncanniness, and illustrates how even across borders the sentimental values for cars is the same throughout the world.

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