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The world’s first public search engine for parking spots

MEDIAPLUS, Munchen / BMW / 2018

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The idea was to support the classic campaign with a creative highlight. Our approach was to advertise this feature specifically where it offers the most benefit: namely in the traffic and parking space chaos of the city centre.


Technical implementation of this campaign highlight wasn’t easy. It was only through a lot of work on the part of the customer, the agencies and the marketer of the digital space that we were able to implement the idea at the same time as the ongoing BMW 5 Series campaign.

For the first time, live images directly related to the driver’s location were displayed in real time on a digital billboard.

We made the new On-Street Parking Information feature available to all Berlin drivers at a high-traffic junction and thus provided them with live information about the current parking situation in their direct vicinity on a digital billboard.

In just a few seconds, drivers passing by were able to see exactly where the closest empty parking spaces were.


A feature that was well received and generated a direct benefit for the target group addressed.

The first parking space search feature in a public space. On average, we supported 8,500 drivers searching for a parking space each day and impressively confirmed our 5 Series slogan, ‘Conquering the digital world’. And in the process, we pointed out countless parking spaces to very happy and thus relaxed drivers in Berlin.

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